Bridesmaid Dress Redo #2

My sister got married in 2006, and chose a really gorgeous bridesmaid dress for me to wear.  It was so elegant and so flattering, and I held onto it these past 4 and a half years, always hoping I would have another occasion that would call for a floor-length black gown.  Amazingly, that occasion hasn't yet popped up.  You would think I would be attending black tie affairs every weekend, right?  I have considered wearing it to go through the Whataburger drivethru while grabbing some HBCBs though...

Anyway, I decided that although I love the dress as it is, if I ever want to wear it again (and I do), some changes were going to need to be made.  Here's the before:
And one of the funniest pictures of me wearing it at my sister's wedding:

I look totally devastated, but I'm not!  Seriously, I love my bro-in-law!  I was really happy!  And Kelsey is so pretty!

I digress.  Lately, I've been really into the peplum silhouette:  a pencil skirt underneath, flared skirt around the hips.  Kind of like this one:
Salt and Peplum Dress
Salt and Peplum Dress, Modcloth
So I chopped that old dress up and sewed a few parts back on, and here is my after:

And yes, I even had an occasion to wear it to!  I'll show you that tomorrow.

And if you're interested: Bridesmaid Dress Redo #1


  1. The bridesmaid dress redo is AMAZING, Val. I just love the new silhouette.

    You look gorgeous :)

  2. Amazing!!! What a great re-do. I love the second dress.


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  4. Sorry, I just tried to post my comment logged in as my boyfriend! Creepy! I love the dress, it looks excellent and it makes your waist look very tiny!

  5. b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l! I love how it turned out. It looks really good on you, too!

  6. Your re-designed turned out GREAT!