MMM - Day 30 & 31, AKA THE END!!!


The occasion:  housework, watching Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist 

The result:

The reflection:  Was it warm enough outside for shorts today?  Absolutely not!  But had I gone outside, I would have thrown some leggings on underneath.  As it turns out, we did nothing but hang out at home and with our neighbors a little, so this comfy ensemble did the job just fine.

The outfit:  Southwest Dress

The occasion:  church, weekly Skype date with the parents

The result:

The reflection:  THE LAST DAAAAAAAAAAAAY!  Made it!  And it's this dress's first time appearance for Me-Made-March as well.  Spring weather still isn't here quite yet, but it's knocking on the door and I can feel it on the horizon, so I let my arms go bare today in celebration!  

Stay tuned tomorrow for a Me-Made-March wrap-up, and stay tuned after that for me NOT talking about clothes for a long, long, long time!

1 comment:

  1. holy canoli you are almost done!!!!!!!!!!!

    i LOVE the first outfit so much... you could be wearing it in Oz.... come visit?! :)