Married to Rock

Last night was the debut of Bleeding on Probing--an epic rock band for which my husband plays bass.  Who would have thought that with an audience full of dental students and medical students, things were going to get this crazy?!
That's my man, in the skull t-shirt and jean jacket.  And black wig.
Ah, there he is again.  Climbing on couches.
All four members of Bleeding on Probing.
Steve Dadaian, actual rock guitar god (seriously, he met Slash and Slash told him Steve was a better guitar player than he was)
The bassist and the drummer.
So proud.
Remember our T-Shirt Factory from last week?  Here are the results!

And lastly, before you watch this, be forewarned:  This may actually melt your face off.


  1. holy crap! i love that he got on the couches. reminds of the time he almost kicked the baby!

    please tell your husband marshall and i would like him to be dressed like this for the wedding.

  2. scott,
    can i please have a repeat when i visit.
    can i please have one of those shirts.
    please and thank you :)

  3. that video literally did melt my face off. I can't wait for the next performance! PS- I want my t-shirt!