Everybody loves a freebie.

One of my favorite daily reads is over at Grosgrain, written by the insanely creative Kathleen Frances.  She makes amazing dresses, costumes for her kids, posts endless amounts of tutorials, and is just an inspiring seamstress.  Plus, she taught me how to fishtail braid my hair.  Even better, she does things like this:

And not only are they free, they are also being provided by 30 different talented sewing bloggers, so it's a great way to find new sewing inspiration on the 'net!
So to anyone out there reading this blog who has been thinking about starting, expanding, or picking back up their sewing, now would be a really great time to do it!  It's Day 3 of Free Pattern Month today, and we've already seen these free goodies:


1 midi skirt header

Did I mention these are all free?  And that there are 27 more to go?


  1. it's times like these that i REALLY wish i knew how to sew :-/

  2. Which one are you going to make first?