One Woman's Sewing Treasure...Is Also Another Woman's Sewing Treasure

As a reader of this blog, you most likely know by now how much I love sewing, even though I actually haven't talked about it in a little while.  A little break was needed after the sewing talk overload that was Me-Made-March, but that break is now over!

What better way to get back into talking about sewing again then with a box I got in the mail that was quite literally bursting at the seams with sewing goodness?!

My great-aunt Heidi had planned to sell all these goodies in a garage sale, but decided to send them all to me instead!  Huzzah!  As soon as I opened up that box, I was getting visions of what I could make with it all right away.

First up, a ziplock bag of lace and trim!  Perfect for an imitation of this dress I've been eyeing at Modcloth.

Dreaming of Blue Dress
Next up, patterns!  There are few in here for home decor, aprons, and poodle skirts.  Now, I don't plan to dress up as a sock hop girl anytime soon, but I have been wanting to make a skirt like this one, also from Modcloth--high-waisted, full circle skirt, to the knee.  It's essentially the exact same silhouette as this poodle skirt pattern, just several inches shorter, and without a crinoline underneath.  Awesome!
Essential Elegance Skirt

Also, zippers galore!  You know, for zipping stuff!

Next up, a triple rainbow of bias tapes.  I probably won't need to buy bias tape for the next decade.

Also included:  ribbon (look at that blue ribbon with strawberries on it!), more binding, and ELASTIC.  You may have heard I love a good elastic waistband.  There is nothing in the world more comfortable.  And now I'm set for the next ten or twenty or thirty garments!  I'll have an all-elastic-waistband wardrobe in no time.

Lastly, my mom and grandma threw in some old pillowcases they were willing to part with that Kendra and I have a project in mind for.  It's for a good cause, it's cute, and it's something that's not for us - stay tuned!

Thanks Aunt Heidi, Mom, and G-ma!  I have some incredibly generous women in my family.


  1. oooooooh, look at all the goodies! i love that first dress too. (can't wait to see your version)

    thank you grandma & momma gillen for supplying our next project!

  2. I cannot wait to see the magic you create!!!