MMM - Day 3

The outfit:  Gingham Button-Up + Paper Bag Waist Shorts (new!)

The occasion:  living it up in the Big D:  the best turkey burger of my entire life, some light shopping (seriously, we all resisted temptation so well!), the Mavericks/Pacers game

The result:

The reflection:  These shorts didn't photograph super well, but in real life, I think they're really cute!  I used a shorts pattern from McCall's, but basically altered everything about it - made it several inches wider so they would be baggy, changed the pockets, added several inches to the bottom so I could cuff them, and then added inches to the top so I could fold it over and add the elastic casing.  Plus a fun little wooden button!  It will still be a few months before it will be warm enough to wear these in NY, but a little wishful thinking never hurt anybody, right?


  1. I LOVE ALL THESE PHOTOS! :) It looks like you guys had a great time.

    You girls are truly some BEAUTIFUL individuals. I was showing my aussie friends these pics and they were like, "Sam why are all your friends gorgeous?!?!"......

    Yeah, you guys are fiiiiiine :)

    And I LOVE these shorts. I have some similar from Old Navy but I definitely like yours a lot more! A wooden button, nice touch!

    Love love love this post!

  2. Such a great post! You and Kendra look cute in your matching Ginghams :)

  3. I love those shorts! So cute! And it looks like you had fun in Dallas. :) Texas is the best!

  4. I love checkers/ gingham. Too cute! And I think the shorts look pretty good, even on camera!

  5. I love the paper bag waist shorts and I got to see them in person! I feel so special! I can't wait to see the rest of March!