MMM - Day 6

The outfit:  Scott's Sweatshirt + Red/Grey Striped Tank + Black Skinny Jeans

The occasion:  more shotgun riding with the soon-to-be-Walkers, 3 flights, home-sweet-home with husband-sweet-husband, collapsing into bed from exhaustion

The result:
This is the face and hair of someone who had been in a car or on a plane for 18 hours in the past two days.

The reflection:  Most important thing while selecting travel clothes?  Comfort.  So since I couldn't wear a muumuu and elastic waist pants, these nice stretchy jeans, knit tank, and warm sweatshirt were basically the perfect travel outfit.  I'm glad I'm at the point where I'm making clothes for all occasions!

1 comment:

  1. even after all that traveling you still look lovely.. what are you tricks?! please tell :)