Husband's Clothes

I had thought I had run out of clothes that I wanted to alter into something else.  That is, until I switched over and started looking through Scott's side of the closet instead.  There I found two cardigans that I have never, ever seen him wear, so I claimed them for my own!  After asking for permission first, of course.

The first one actually fit me pretty well to begin with, although in the picture below, I'm trying to pretend it is gigantic.
However, I was feeling maybe a little bit too much like I was wearing Danny Zuko's Rydell High letterman's sweater at the end of Grease, so I changed it up a tiny bit so that wouldn't be so.  All I did was take it in about an inch and a half all around, and cut off and hemmed the sleeves so they would be 3/4ish instead.

This other one started out slightly more gigantic, as evidenced here:

And then while I was cruising around Modcloth, I found this cardigan:

Yippee!  I'm getting my very own by just stealing and upcycling Scott's, except in a color that I like better and without buttons that look like donuts!

Took it in about 2 and a half inches on both sides and in the sleeves, and got a better fitting cardigan.

Done and done.

Fun fact:  Boys' clothes button on the other side. I feel like I'm a 4-year-old learning to dress myself when I'm trying to button these up!


  1. in love :) you're so amazing! I wish i had the talent and eye to do something like this...how long have you been sewing for?!?

  2. AMAZING!!!! The first one is my favorite of the two but they are both sooo cute! I wish I had talent to do this!

  3. okay i LOVE these cardys. so adorable! JJ is a little too big for me to wear his clothes, and i'm afraid he doesn't have as fabulous of sweaters as your hubs. way to work them :)

  4. why are you 2 sooo cute!? miss you guys!

  5. so clever!! i love both cardigans, great job!! xoxo