How to properly celebrate Thankschristmasgiving

(My family all came out to NY this year to visit Scott and I, so we combined holidays - that is, Thanksgiving and Christmas were celebrated simultaneously.  Get it?)

HARRY POTTER 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A trip to MoMA.

Gangsters who can harmonize.

Getting to 73rd and Central Park West at 6:50 AM for the parade.  That starts at 9.

Your brother-in-law working really hard to save the curb for you.

Kanye West on a float.

A flying doughboy.

Believing in Santa.

Family feasting.

Self-timered group pics.

Freshly made pickles.

And waiting for pizza.


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  2. What did we do before self timer?! I'm not sure. I'm glad I don't have to find out :)

    LOVE all the pics! Glad you and the fam had a good time!

    My family and I were watching the parade and my mom goes, "I wonder if your friend Valerie is watching the festivities?" :)
    I'll be sure and let her know, ha!

    Btw, how was HP7?!?

  3. These are all things that I love too! And what a great spread you prepared for the family Thanksgiving.

    Now we can finally talk about Harry Potter, part 1. First point: I thought part 2 would magically be waiting at the end. I was wrong.

  4. so i'm thinking you had a great holiday?!?? who would have thought kanye west on a float :)

    i dream of living in a big city again so i have the opportunity to enjoy the "big city" things. it looks like you had a fabulous time and love all of these pictures.

    by the way how was Jersey Boys...i really want to see this!!

  5. sam - HP7 was everything i dreamed it would be :) plus some weird parts that i wish i could forget (kendra knows).

    lindsay - jersey boys was such a good time! it's literally impossible to leave that theatre without a song in your head. loved it.

  6. so jealous! Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade live is definetely on my list of things to do! xoxo