Inspiration #1: A Loose Interpretation

On Friday I left you with some inspiration pictures of some things I had been wanting to make lately.  Well, I got down to business over the weekend, using this as my first muse:

Really all I took from it was the color blocking and the loose fit.  I ended up using a different color scheme and the good ol' batwing top (of the bats and elephants top, you may recall), and came up with this bad boy (can women's clothes be referred to as males?):
I learned this pose from America's Next Top Model.  Check out my smize.

Let the sun shine in!

Now, this top is actually fairly easy to make, but it took me much longer than it should have.  Why?  Because I made own stripes.  Ha!  You can't beat me, solid-colored doubleknit!  I will sew long strips of you together for hours at a time and force you to become stripes if I feel like it!

Hours of cutting and sewing strips = purple and maroon seams
Spot the now-ancient electronic equipment in the background.  Hint:  it's a VCR.

And because I was told by multiple people that my bat face was actually quite accurate, here it is for you again:
Fear the bat.


  1. Tyra would be so proud.

    And I love the stripes (of course!)

  2. Would you accept a batwing shirt commission, and what would you charge?

    love your adoring fan,

  3. mary - of course i would accept! just the cost of materials. and i'll take payment in the form of dark chocolate, movie tickets, compliments, cash...just whatever :)

  4. That's awesome, Val. Especially that you made your own stripes. Whoa. Also, sometimes when I look at the word batwing, I'm seeing ba-twing instead of bat-wing. Depending on how you pronounce ba-twing, it could sound a little bit