Scott Sews, Too

Not too long ago, a friend of Scott's had an emergency appendectomy (that's doctorspeak for "got his appendix taken out" - I just learned that big word from Scott!).  The day he got to come home from the hospital, Scott decided that he wanted to make him a nice little "welcome home" gift.

His idea?  A pillow.  HA!

He asked if I would sew it for him.  I answered, "You could sew it."  (Seriously, folks.  Pillows are so simple!)

And so we worked on a little sewing project together!

Here's the final product, right before delivery:

Scott sewed this fabulous decorative border.  Makes it look real homey, doesn't it?

I sewed the four edges together.  Scott stuffed it.

And then we added the final, special touch.

No, your eyes did not fool you.  That is, indeed, a fabric interpretation of an appendix hanging off the side there.  An appendix that has burst, no less!

And yes, the gesture was appreciated.  And laughed at accordingly.


  1. haha that is hilarious and so cute at the same time! how amazing that scott did this himself (with a little bit of your help of course) you must be proud!!

    the appendix is by far my favorite part...well that stitching is too, but hte appendix is just so funny :)

  2. Aw that is so awesome! He did a great interpretation...and the border is AWESOME!

  3. pahahaha!
    great job scott.

  4. hahahaha I LOVE that! I was wondering what that was on the side. Wonderful border, too!

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  6. i think ive seen scott puke in that jacket before.