Sewing Space + Pretty Scraps of Fabric

Since I'm working on a big, long, complicated project right now (the remaining inspiration from my Copycatting post) and I don't currently have any new threads to show you (sadness!), I thought I would show you where I do all my sewing instead!

When we moved into this apartment over a year ago (on August 14, 2009, to be exact), we had never seen the place, never seen pictures, never seen a floorplan, NOTHING.  So imagine my surprise and delight to find that we not only had an extra room, it contained this nook that is perfectly shaped for sewing!

I don't have the tomato pincushion you normally associate with home seamstresses.  Instead, I have this heart-shaped one that I've had for 15+ years now.
It came as part of this huge sewing basket my granny made me when I was young that contained all kinds of notions, scissors, embroidery thread, had lots of pockets for all your little tools, and was pink and white checked with a big ol' heart on the top!  

And here's the real star:  my Brother sewing machine.  I bought this about a year ago, and it's digitized.  It has tons of fancy stitches that I've never even used, but it's been very, very good to me and I definitely love it!

Above my sewing machine is this makeshift bulletin board (read: fabric-covered cardboard).  I like to pin little things on it from time to time, like that bow - a relic from the Backless Summer Dress that I transformed slightly a few weekends ago.

You'll also notice a little bit of sewing artwork pinned up.  A long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away...anybody?), Kendra spotted this template for sewing notions display art on design*sponge and sent it over to me.  It's meant for ribbons, but I just cut little swatches of fabric from all my projects instead.  And I've finally filled it all up!

And of course, because I love a good visual, here's all the garments that coordinate with the swatches according to their positions on the board!

Lastly, I want to take a moment here and say HELLO to all my new followers who followed me over from Sam's blog last week!  She wrote the sweetest post about the clothes that I sew, and I am insanely flattered that all of you thought my clothes were cute enough that you wanted to come over here and follow me and see more of what I make!  Seriously.  Thank you!


  1. i'm so excited to be following! your blog is full of tons of inspiration. i really want to learn how to sew this year, and i only hope i can make things as pretty as you!

    and this is a super cute post. i love the match up of the art and your gorgeous projects.

  2. YAY!!! The picture collage= MAJOR SUCCESS!!!

    I love this post. Inside the place where the magic happens :)

    Lastly, you deserve all the recognition/kindness +so much more!

  3. i absolutely adore your little sewing nook...how perfect is that? i have just started to sew and can't wait to have a more organized space set up like yours...i don't think the dining room table will cut it for much longer :)
    keep us posted on all of your beautiful projects! your talent is so inspiring ♥

  4. Oh, it turned out great! I like it better with fabric actually.