Day 26 - Backless Summer Dress + Scarf!

That's right, people.  Get ready to have your minds blown.  I'm wearing not one, but TWO me-made things today!

What I made:
This little backless sundress (see below for the risque view), my own design (though I'm not quite ready for Project Runway)
Cream and white floral cotton from Granny's stash
AND red knit scarf (pictured below), using the same pattern and fabric from yesterday (although I'm not entirely certain a pattern is needed for a scarf when all it requires is sewing two ends together and hemming the whole thing, but thanks anyway, McCall's!)

So scandalous!  Clearly this is meant only to be worn on a very hot summer night.

When I made it:
Dress:  April 2010, as a possibility for a bridesmaid dress for Kendra's wedding, but I ended up wearing something else, which you may remember from Day 20.
Scarf:  Friday night!

How I wore it today with the scarf - again, gotta layer up for fall in New York!

What I like about:
Dress:  Where to begin?  Oh yeah, with the POCKETS, duh!
The boatneck collar - have always loved this shape.
The fact that I designed this one myself!  This is something I do very rarely because I really just lack the creativity to design my own clothing (and even for this one I was inspired by a couple different dresses from Urban Outfitters), but I was proud that I was able to cut this one out myself, made it fit, and it really turned out just the way I pictured it was well!
Scarf:  Warm and cuddly, just like yesterday's tunic top!

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  1. Beautiful job, Valerie. I love boatnecks, too. And the back, though scandalous, is beautiful. - Mom