Day 9 - Fever Delirium!

Considering I didn't leave my bed today due to coughing, aching, fever, and the rest of the symptoms listed in the NyQuil commercials, I certainly didn't get dressed for Self-Stitched September! Here's what I did do, though:

(snot rags and friday night lights and pretty little liars, oh my!)

And despite the fact that I really don't like being sick (who does, really?), I'm still going to list this as something that I love, because when your husband walks in the room with a steaming bowl of soup and a glass of juice you didn't even have to ask for, you're reminded just how lucky you are. Also, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! (thanks, jo)

Since I didn't get dressed in anything self-made today, I'm going to tack on an extra day at the end of the month just to make sure I participate my full 30 days' worth. That's right, we're going into October, y'all!

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