Day 12 - Blue and White Striped Mini!

(how I wore it today - it was a cold and dreary day in NYC!)

What I made:
This blue and white striped cotton mini skirt...although it started out as something very different - a shirtdress! Basically it was a complete and total unsalvageable disaster, so I decided to just chop the bottom off, cut up some excess to make a waistband, and use the buttons I already had to close up the side.
Fabric from Fabric.com

When I made it:
June 2010. At first I was very, very sad that my shirtdress plan wasn't working out, but in the end, I actually kind of dig this skirt!

What I like about it:
The button closure - although this was a complete fluke and the only reason I did it was because I didn't have a blue zipper lying around.
The fabric - this picture doesn't show the color very well, but the blue and white stripes are really cute!

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  1. Good job with the posts so far!! I am truly impressed. Love this skirt! Also, loved the black and grey checked dress (with princess seams).