Day 25 - Gigantic Red Cozy T-Shirt!

What I made:
McCall's 6205, big ol' t-shirt tunic top pattern
Rayon jersey fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics

When I made it:
Guess when?!  LAST NIGHT!  True story.  I know that's a rather lame thing to do on Friday night, but I had a weekend coming up with no more casual clothes that I had made left to wear, so I got busy!

What I like about it:
As you can imagine by the gigantic nature of this top, it is comfy times ten!
I also really love the fabric - it's warm and cuddly, plus I rarely wear red, so it's a good addition to add a little variety to the wardrobe.

**Unfortunately, it actually turned out to be a whopping 87 degrees outside today, so this was way too hot to wear!  I had to change when we walked to a restaurant for lunch, or else I would have sweat up a storm.  But I still wore it all day when inside the apartment!


  1. This is cute. Maybe adding a belt could dress it up if you ever wanted to dress it up. Yesterday was hot! Thank goodness it had cooled down today.