Day 14 - Pencil Skirt Repeat in Mauve

What I made:
Another version of the same skirt from Day 10, Jenny pattern from Burdastyle
Wool fabric from Fabric.com, lined in navy (just for fun!)

When I made it:
Last week! Trying to build up that wardrobe for September...it's a long month!

What I like about it:
One thing I really love about sewing patterns is the variety you can get from the exact same one. For instance, this is the same skirt as the black pencil skirt from Day 10, with the following changes: different color, pleats in front instead of darts, waistband half as thick, hem is three inches shorter. All easy changes, but the result is a totally different-looking skirt!

1 comment:

  1. You are really good at making pencil skirts. This one is pretty :)