Day 11 - Handcrafted Roses T-shirt!

(I have just realized that literally the last four outfits I have worn have consisted of only grey and black - yikes! A reflection on my under-the-weatherness of late? I'm going to get some color in my life starting tomorrow!)

What I made:
This is my first "repurposed" garment of September so far. This was just a plain, crewneck t-shirt, which I converted to a V-neck and then added some satin fabric flowers to the neckline for embellishment.

When I made it:
Sometime last fall - and I actually wear it quite often!

What I like about it:
Last fall I went through this fabric flower phase where I was making flowers out of every spare scrap of fabric I could find, and I think these are some of the only surviving ones! I like this T-shirt because it was a quick project - it looks completely different from the shirt it started out as, but only took me a few hours to transform. Quickness is key sometimes when you're trying to make your own wardrobe!

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