Day 24 - Sack-like Jumper!

What I made:
Simplicity 3738 jumper pattern.  Kind of looks like something a little girl would wear, no?
Houndstooth cotton fabric from Hobby Lobby (the examples on the pattern envelope use way better fabric choices than I did - I should have taken a cue from them!).

How I wore it at work today - I think I successfully brought it into 2010 with my styling...
or at least closer than it was! 
When I made it:
Fall 2007, when I first started getting back into sewing again.  I chose this project not for it's stylish-ness (hopefully that's obvious...) but because it was a nice and simple project to get my feet wet again.

What I like about it:
The shape of it when cinched in with a belt - very retro and flattering!
And to get a little bit feel-good family sitcom on you, I also like it because of what it represents:  my first tentative step on this journey of making my own wardrobe.  The hem is poorly done and I picked out some weird sort-of green colored buttons for it, but I'll keep it forever just for nostalgia...and possibly force my future teenager daughter to wear it!


  1. The look totally changes when you added the blazer. I really like this look.

  2. Very cute--with or without the blazer. I would wear it when I went out to eat Mexican food (lots of room for expansion) :)