Day 18 - Repurposed Grey Pants

What I "made:"
I took a pair of Old Navy pants that I'm fairly certain I've had since 2006 and remade them into something a little more wearable in 2010. They used to be rather wide-legged and longer, and just not that modern of a cut. They still fit me (miraculously) around the waist and the hips, so I took the legs in to make them a skinnier fit and then brought the hem up 4 or 5 inches so they would be more of an ankle pant.

When I made it:
Last Wednesday!

(ew, ankles look real gross in extreme close-up)

What I like about it:
I haven't worn these pants in over 2 years, but now with the changes I really like them! They were always a darn comfortable pair of pants anyway, and now they just look cooler than before. :)

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