Day 21 - Ruffled Front Dress!

(Notice anything different? We're going BIGGER, people!)
What I made:
This "Coffee Date Dress" pattern unselfishly shared by The Selfish Seamstress - for free!
Fabric from the bargain table at Paron's on 40th

(how I wore it today to the office - with a blazer)

When I made it:
Fall 2009 - during that famous unemployment drought of mine.

What I like about it:
Um, it's really stinking cute.
Also, it was insanely easy to make, even that fancy ruffle in front!
Unfortunately, my zipper insertion job in the back is fairly horrific, so I can't ever really wear this dress without a jacket or cardigan over it, but that's okay because it's a great basic to build outfits around.


  1. I probably want this dress, too. Absolutely love it, mainly because of the ruffle. Love it with the blazer, too.