The Classiness Scarf

Weather just never wants to cooperate, does it?  As most other Americans are probably experiencing, we reverted back to hardcore winter over the weekend after a blissful two-day sneak peek of spring last week.  So cruel of you, Mother Nature.  In fact, we even got snow yesterday!

The bright side?  More chances to wear scarves!  Like this one, which I made a month ago with Kendra, but never documented.  Until now.

It's a different sort of scarf, made from this tutorial on Colette Patterns' blog.  One side is velvet and the other is a soft and warm sweater fabric, so it really is quite warm, and I can even pull it up all the way around my ears!

Reverse, reverse!
I feel extra classy in this big bow-like scarf.  Cream is a classy color and velvet is a classy fabric.  Enough said.

And the static-y hair will continue, along with the cold weather...


  1. so, so cute! looks so very warm:)

  2. I never saw the actual color of the velvet side of the scarf... and I LOVE IT! Almost like a dark dark mustard yellow, perhaps. One of my favorites.

    PS you look absolutely beautiful in these photos :)

  3. I can't believe I had to go back this far before I found where I left off with my comments. Good grief. But, I love this scarf. And I love your hair straightened.