The Tie Scarf: Of Equestrians and Flight Attendants

 Oh, how creative I must get when I don't have a camera I understand how to use...
Today, I wore the Greta Tie Scarf from Colette Patterns that Kendra and I made together via Skype last weekend.  I built my entire outfit around it, just so I could wear it!  However, that also meant that I ended up feeling like a flight attendant on my top half and an equestrian on my bottom half (yes, those are my Intyce boots that just arrived - earlier than expected!).
Come fly the friendly skies!

I love the little pleated end on this scarf and I like the floral cotton print I chose to use.  I also loved the fact that it literally took about 30 minutes to make.  It's really more of a springtime scarf (WHICH WILL BE HERE IN SIX WEEKS!  THANKS, CHUCK!) because it's so light and small, but I think it turned out pretty cute.  Go check out Kendra's!

(We also made a second little goody during the same session, and I'll try to take some pictures soon.  You've heard enough of my camera woes at this point!)


  1. I was like who's Chuck?! Ha ha... I didn't know Phil had a rival. Love the scarf and styling! You look so cute as always.

  2. I'm going to steal your boots!!! You look lovely and yours and Kendra's scarves are the too cute!


  3. valerie you rock for giving away that homemade skirt, it's absoulty adorable and I'm dying to win it, like crossing my fingers!!

  4. umm what?! you and Sam hosting a giveaway! Oh trust me, I'm definitely entering because I think ALL of your projects are amazingly fantastic, and I am hoping that I have a chance at this! If not, I may just send you some money to make this skirt for me anyways. I love it, and I love seeing all your projects!

    p.s. very exciting that your boots came in early!

  5. This scarf is really beautiful and it's funny that you made it via skype..xexe!!!The skirt that you made for the giveaway is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!I totally loooove her!!!You are sooo talented girl!!!!

  6. Hi there- I came here because of the giveaway, but now I'm happy I did as I've been scrolling through looking at all of your neat posts! I love that crocheted scarf your sister made and the shirt you're wearing under it too, actually haha.
    Glad to find your blog!

  7. Hi! I just became a follower of your blog because of the adorable skirt you are giving away, but I have to tell you...you rock! I have always wanted to sew things to wear but have never made the time. You are so talented and your projects are super cute! Can't wait to see what's next.

  8. Just found your blog and I am LOVING it!! So excited to be your newest follower!! You are too cute! Definitely stop by mine whenever you get the chance - I would LOVE to hear all about your blog and make a new blogger friend! :)


  9. Love those boots! I also LOVE the skirt you are giving away...anything that is universally flattering for a plus size gal like myself pretty much rocks!

  10. That's the cutest scarf, and you wear it well. I also love your new boots.