The Reincarnated Clutch

Last night, we went to our sailing club's annual dinner at the Down Town Association.  How fancy are we?!?!?  

Well, actually, I'm not fancy enough, because I realized on Monday night that I didn't own any purses that couldn't also be classified as tote bags, and I couldn't take any of those on my schmancy date!  So I reached into the I-sewed-this-but-it's-too-ugly-to-wear-in-real-life bin on my closet shelf (I'm not kidding - this exists), and pulled out a black pencil skirt that has already been through these two previous lives:

It started out as this skirt, which I decided I didn't like because I couldn't walk in it.
Walking ability = very important factor in clothing
Then it turned into this skirt instead.
That had this little vent in the back (to facilitate the walking), and a little bow on the back.
I did some cutting and snipping and measuring and ironing and then I did some sewing and by the end of an episode of Two and a Half Men, I had this:

The bow survived!
And I lined it in red for extra sass:

And I was ready for fanciness!

I'm glad I was prepared, because fanciness is exactly what this place had:

Their tree was 10 times taller than ours, they had huge staircases, and we ate in a room with wall murals.

Also, we looked good.

And I got to clutch this with one hand all night long (and Scott's arm with the other!).


  1. this post made me smile for many reasons! 1. you're awesome. 2. your skill is ridiculous. 3. i'm excited to be married and have someone's arm to hold onto. 4. you're a talented lady and we need to start our business plan.

  2. okay i love your outfit. love it! the tights are awesome. and that clutch is amazing!! the bow adds the perfect touch. if only i could figure out how to turn my leftover skirts into clutches, i would never run out!

    you two do look darling :)

  3. :) you are so adorable...as is this beautiful clutch. the skirt was cute, but like you said...walking is a bit of a need!

    looks like you two had an amazing time!

    have a great day girly


  4. you+your sewing will be famous someday... i just know it!

  5. oh you know, just made a clutch out of a skirt. A skirt that I had made myself. yea no big deal...

  6. your clutch is gorgeous!

    This is about the third time I've come to your blog from Sam's, so I figured it's about time that I start following. You are pretty much one of the most-talented people I've seen, and I'm highly impressed. Keep up the beautiful work!

    -Mallori Battiest, from http://nushkoboaiukli-chokvshweki.blogspot.com

  7. Good grief, Valerie!! I'm starting to think that the 3 days you're here over Christmas vacation, we're not going to do anything but sew! Sorry, Scott and Dad! Q: How many times can a daughter amaze her mother?! A: evidently a million--at least!