Happy Birthday to...

Kiwi Kendra!

I know this pic is kinda dark and 4 years old (ugh, you're right, time flies!), but it's from one of my favorite memories of us:  the night we got all bundled up and literally walked through the snow in below freezing weather to get some ice cream at Shakey's (ahem, excuse me, Shake's), walked back to my blue house, and watched Dawson's Creek.  Wish we weren't so far away and I could celebrate with you today!


Vanilla Val

P.S.  After this weekend, I hope to finish a fabulous (fingers crossed) new "thread" to show you!  And if I'm lucky, two fabulous things!  And if I'm really lucky/stay up all night once or twice/magically receive a turbo speed sewing machine, three things!  AND I'm sewing with the birthday girl this weekend, too!


  1. oh my goodness, i didn't know you had documented evidence of our crazy ice cream adventure! what a fun night. haha, i like that i'm wearing all your winter clothes too. impromptu outing, perhaps?

    thank you for the birthday wishes :)

  2. this is awesome!
    hooray for old photos, birthdays, dawsons creek, and new masterpiece work from Valerie.

    that's a whole lot of awesomeness right there... only a Friday could hold so much of it in one setting!