A Study in Black & White #1: A Bag for Toting

So I just realized that the next three projects I plan to sew (including this one) are black and white!  I wish this was on purpose and I was going through some kind of purposeful shunning of color for fashion's sake, but I'm not.  It was simply an accident, but kind of a fun one, so here is Project #1 of the B&W series.

Yet another cross-country sewing project completed with the assistance of Skype and the U.S. Postal Service!

Kendra and I made Renske's minimalist tote bag from Design*Sponge.  It was easy (or at least should have been easy....there was much confusion and laughter and "wait...how did that happen?!" when trying to get the right sides of things to not be inside out), and didn't take much longer than an afternoon, and our men got to use tools to help us with the hardware.  All-around, a good project!

Vanessa will be modeling today as her twin (that would be me) did not bother to get dressed or wash her hair on the day these were taken.

I swear I don't always carry a season of Friday Night Lights in my bag...I just needed something to fill 'er up!


  1. ps...
    can i please bring carrigan to NYC ((and stay with you and scott)) and take pictures like a full blown tourist...

    Carrigan might take up a lot of room.. Don't tell her i said this but she has a big front end you see... 18-55 mm to be exact. but i promise she will behave.

    do you think we could arrange this?!