Last weekend, I saw this:

And this weekend, I'm going to be one of them!  Except hopefully not one like any of these girls were.  All of them were their own special brand of weird.

Now, this is, after all, an R-rated comedy, so you can expect to see and hear some things you really might rather not, BUT at the heart of this movie is a really well-told story about the struggles and triumphs that women go through in female friendships.  Seems like they're always a lot more complicated than dude friendships, doesn't it?  Also, I would have paid the entire $13 movie ticket price just to watch the scene where Annie is trying to get the cop's attention in her car.  Seriously.

Anyway, this has got to be one of my top comedies that I've seen in awhile, and I really would recommend it.  My obsession that I've had with Kristen Wiig ever since the first time I saw her be the odd sister on the Lawrence Welk show parody on SNL was only solidified further by this movie (she co-wrote it as well as starred).  Three cheers for funny women!

Also, three cheers for being a bridesmaid!  Love you, Heidi!

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  1. first, I went and saw this movie last week! I laughed so hard that I hit my head on the bar that was behind me, and gave myself a knot on my head. Seriously.

    second, THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SKITS EVER! "With my by myself" ha ha ha!

    Have a great time at the wedding this weekend!