Looking ahead

I've noticed that every 3 months or so, I like to make lists of all the things I'm looking forward too.  I did in  October, and then  January, so I guess it's about time!

In negative 7 days:  Royal wedding (yeah, I still haven't moved past that...)
Happy Friday!
In 19 days:  Return to Kansas, to hang out with the people who made me:

In 23 days:  The highly anticipated wedding of the two people in this picture who are not me and Scott:

In 34 days:  Bonnaroo
Scott's 5th, my 1st!

In 37 days:  NKOTBSB epicness
In two months and 9 days:  Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 2 released
(Kelsey, I'm still considering whether or not I can survive a midnight showing.  I'm leaning towards yes)

In two months and 12 days:  Scott will be a whole year older than he was when this pictures was taken, and thus catch up with me in age!
The night of the Manhattan Tornado
In 3 months and 1 day:  Anniversary #2

In 7 months:  I will be on a boat, sailing to the Bahamas, with my best friend and 4 previously mentioned men (that is, "Boys") for whom I have a strange obsession...

In 2 years:  Scott graduates!  With the ability to take care of these for you:

In 40+ years:  Retirement


  1. I live about 20 minutes from where Bonnaroo takes place, and I have never been. It was wild here the first few years, but Bonnaroo seems to have calmed down some. I hope you have a great time!!!

  2. I also can't wait for harry potter.
    Or retirement. And I haven't even graduated yet.

  3. Your hubby is in dental school? LUUUCCCKKKKYYY! My hubby is applying soon!And that picture of you and your parents is adorable!

  4. Now . . . . 22 days! :) (I wish I could make the smile REALLY BIG!)

  5. and in roughly 7 months, SAM COMES TO VISIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!