#1 Fan

Forget Bulls vs. Heat or Thunder vs. Mavs.  Last night, the most important playoff game was that of the 2nd year dental students (Scott's team) vs. the 3rd years.  The battle of D2 vs. D3.  This was the semifinal game, with the winner advancing to the championship, so it was kind of a big deal.

Here's a tiny bit of the action as I caught it from my normal vantage point parked on the parquet!

And yes, that final score right there?  D2 was the home team and are advancing to the finals!  Cue the confetti and hit play on your favorite Jock Jams CD!

One of my favorite things about basketball is the noise from a game.  Squeaking shoes, the dull sound of a dribble, sporadic cheers or groans.  I didn't want to be too much of a soccer mom last night, so I just took this short movie of one play to capture all those sounds.  And happened to get one of the many plays in which Scott's team scored!

Three cheers for intramural sports!


  1. WHAT? This kind of thing happens in dental school?! This makes me so excited because all I have heard is that I will never see my husband and that fun ends for four years, ha!

  2. you guys are like the dream team, all star, couple! i LOVE IT! seriously, there's nothing you two don't/can't do!!!!!!!!

  3. Shalyn - You won't see him much, but he'll get a little downtime :) You have to be ready to swoop in during the downtime and do something fun!