Tiny (No)Pocket Tank 2

Another Tiny Pocket Tank!

But this time, without a tiny pocket.  (Also, lengthened it by four inches and lowered the neckline in back to match the front neckline).

Two summers ago, I got this long grey tank top from Target that I wore until it was coming apart, literally, at the seams.  I mean, it was only $8, so I couldn't expect miracles, but it was one of my favorites, so I decided to make a replacement! 
I topstiched all the seams with this lighter grey thread, just to add a little bit of detail.  Too bad that meant I had to sew all the seams two extra times!
Fingers crossed this replacement tank lasts more than two summers!

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  1. this is so cute--even if it IS gray! I love the stitching.