Super Sonic Surprise

Two things (among many) I really miss about living in Oklahoma:  driving your own car, and the most delicious of all fast food, Sonic.  Scott let me have both yesterday!

He went and picked up a Zipcar so we could leave this behind:

Good-bye, New York!
To cross this:
Hello, New Jersey!
 And end up here:
 Where we ordered 8 things between the two of us:
 Had a feast:
 And took home enough spare packets of ketchup to make Heidi proud:

It's the little things that make life so darn good :)


  1. i miss Sonic so badly. whenever a commercial for their hotdogs comes on tv, i feel cruelly misused.

  2. I love Zipcars and I love Sonic- what a fun little adventure!

  3. What?! No Sonic in New York!!!! Thats just unfortunate

  4. What a great husband you have!! I forgot I don't get Sonic up there. Dang it!!! I need to visit Happy Hour daily until the wedding!

  5. Sounds like Scott made your day. What a sweetie. Glad you got a Sonic fill.