Blue-and-White Striped Summertime Dress

I had it in my mind that I wanted to make a really breezy little dress for summer.  I ordered some white-and-blue striped jersey that I thought would do the trick, contemplated it for awhile, and then came up with this:
Wacky hair!
The back and the front are actually identical, so the back is loose and hangs away from my body a little.  Definitely "breezy" in a more literal sense.

I'm got visions of walking around the city in this with different colored tanks underneath, or even wearing it as a swimsuit cover up (I've got a Key West vacation coming up...!).

I didn't use a pattern with this one, but it does have my favorite feature ever on a handmade garment: elastic waistband!  You're the greatest invention ever, elastic waistband!

Now just give me some sunshine and some heat, and I will be good to go!


  1. I LOVE this matching front and back dress! Love, love, love. It screams summertime and strolls around NYC and key west vacations (i want to go!). Great job on another pattern-less conception!

  2. That is ADORABLE! My favorite feature is the pockets- pockets on anything are amazing to me!

  3. oooh that's so cute and perfect for a hot humid summer!

  4. BTW, G-ma LOVED LOVED LOVED this dress! (I do, too).