Work-Related Absence

People.  My head is just now surfacing above water from what can only be described as the longest and busiest two and a half days I have ever experienced, both due to work, social engagements, and other commitments.  I haven't even sewn a stitch in over a week!  Shocking.  

But I'm finally back on the internet again (it is amazing how much you can miss on the internet in just a matter of 48 hours!), and now that I have that insanity behind me, I decided to count down to a few things that I'm looking forward to:

In 30 minutes:  Sleep!

In 19.5 hours:  Work ends for the week!  I want to bang on the drum all day!

In 5 days:  Mary and Brian's Prepster Pumpkin Palooza (while watching Rocky Horror Glee Show)

In 8 days:  Heidi and Marshall arrive!

In 32 days:  Kelsey and Steven arrive in New York City, and sister and I go see HARRY POTTER SEVEN

In 33 days:  My parents arrive in NYC to complete the family gathering for Thanksgiving at our apartment

In 2 months and 1 day:  Fly home to where the wind comes sleeping down the plains for Xmas break
Oil rig + Christmas tree.  This is Oklahoma.
In slightly less than 10 months:  Two years since this moment:

In 2.5 years:  Scott graduates from dental school
This is back on the FIRST day of dental school...
In 40+ years:  Retirement


  1. I love it.
    (a trip for me visiting will be added to the list.. SOON).
    Glad things are settling down for you. Now go enjoy a lovely weekend!

  2. You're so funny, Boodge.

  3. borderline obsessed with your retirement photo and your link to a todd rundgren video. seriously.