Old Top + Extra Fabric = New Dress

Recently it seems I've had a bad case of "take-old-clothes-and-make-them-into-something-new" compulsion.  Today's dress is no exception!  (Also, a lot of denim lately...)

Sweet scrub cut-offs!
That's the top that I started with for this dress.  I actually really like this top (and got it about 3 years ago at JCP for $3 - holla!).  The problem is that it cuts off some serious circulation around the armpits.  Like, SERIOUS.  Which also leads to more pit-sweat, if we're going to be honest with each other here.

So I decided to cut off the sleeves completely to give those armpits some breathing room, attach a skirt to it and make a brand new dress!  Which looked like this:

Ta da!

I used some fabric from my Granny's stash (still haven't run out yet!) to make the skirt, and I attached it to the top using the same gathering method as I did with the Good Ol' Fashioned Bloomers - two lines of elastic inserted into casing.

Here's a much better view of the print on the fabric.
I also made pockets using leftover fabric from the sleeves of the top!  POCKETS ARE MY FAVE.

And look how good it looks with my Smoking Jacket!  Yippee!  Because it is most definitely too cold already in New York for sleeveless anymore!

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  1. the fabric that has NO END! i love it. i wish i had a granny stash too :)

    i also love the re-purposed outfit, very much. i'm for any top does not welcome pit sweat, that's the worst.