Recently I started playing this fun little game with my iTunes while I do the dishes and get ready every morning.  The game has no particular name, but here's the idea:  I pick a word completely off the top of my head and type it in the search function, and iTunes finds any song that has that word in the title, the artist's name, or even the album's name, thus making my own playlist of songs that may have nothing to do with each other whatsoever, and therefore meaning there will be tons of variety.  Here are some of my favorites playlists that have come up as a result:

search word: TAKE

search word: BEAUTIFUL

search word: WOMAN

search word:  FRIEND

search word:  THERE

Sometimes the fun of it really comes when you use a word that can be part of another word, and iTunes picks all those up in the search too, so you don't just get songs or artists with the word "arm" or "each," you also get "army" and "warm" and "harmony" and "peachy" and "beach!"

search word:  ARM

search word:  EACH

Anybody else play this game too?


  1. Who taught you to make a game out of every opportunity?!