Happy Birthday to Mama and Seeester

Happy birthday to my sister (yesterday)!  Below is my favorite picture of her of all time.  It's hard to contain your excitement when you're walking into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  Trust me.  I was making that same face, I was just behind the camera.

And happy birthday (today!) to my mom, who is looking very tall and tan in this picture.  It's an accurate portrayal; she really is both tall and tan in real life too!

Growing up, I always felt sort of left out because my sister's birth had been like a day-early birthday present for my mom.  I wanted an October birthday, too!  But it turns out, all three of us have plenty of other things in common, even if it's not birth month.  Like this:

Love you, Mom and K!  See you in 24 days!


  1. What lovely women :) I love the pics.
    Happy birthday to Val's fam!!

  2. What's really amazing about that picture is that all of us have our lips going the same direction--even that clown! Thank you for the nice birthday wish on your blog, Valerie. And thank you, Sam I Am, for the Happy Birthday wish!