SSS - The End of the Road

hreadsFirst of all, let me say THANK YOU to everybody who stopped by to check out what I was wearing for this entire month.  All your visits and comments and nice things you had to say really helped me stay motivated - like my own personal little online cheering section.  Accountability is a good thing when you're trying to reach a goal, so thanks to everybody for being supportive and liking (or at least pretending to like!) the stuff that I made.

And now, like a good former teacher that I am, I would like to share with you things that I have learned through Self-Stiched September this month:

  1. Posing is weird and feels awkward and I now feel sorry for models.  It's hard to think of poses.  I think I had a total of about three different ones this whole month.  The only one I felt halfway comfortable doing was hands-on-hips.  Kudos to all you models out there.

  2. Even if I make something that I find really ugly (such a disappointment and waste of man hours!  Argh!), I will wear it proudly anyway, because I made it with my own two hands, Kelly Clarkson!

  3. The difference in clothes you make yourself and clothes you buy lies only in your emotional attachment to them.  I will never, ever throw away anything I've made myself, yet one of my literal favorite things to do is purge things out of my closet I don't wear anymore! 

  4. The goal, I suppose, when you make your own clothes, is to make things that you're going to want to wear for years to come (and pass down to your children - Future Daughter [who, nobody panic, I am not currently pregnant with], get ready to wear some of your mama's clothing!  And to wear all the clothes that I make you with a smile on your face!  Like your prom dresses!) and also to make things that can be sustained for years to come.  If I'm making it with my own hands, I'm doing my best to make it where it lasts.

  5. There is almost nothing in the world more fun than planning out everything you are going to wear an entire month in advance (or at least not if you are someone like me...).  Thus, everyone rest assured that this was one REALLY fun month for me!
And finally, the month in review as we say so long to Self-Stitched September (until we meet again in Me-Made May!  Or if anyone can think of a cute alliteration for another month in between...I'll do it):








  1. Does this mean the blog is gone?! :(
    I LOVEEEEEEEEE the skirt. So stinking cute. And the business in the back is A-mazing. PERFECT way to end the September challenge. Hope you will stick around for more blogging about sewing, life, love, and all that's in between!

  2. Great positive round up post! It was lovely to read. Actually, I'm planning another in March, so not so long to wait! I wish you many happy sewing projects until then... xxx

  3. I love how you contemplated what you learned from all of this. However, #3 kinda made me cringe! : )