An LBD that's not for me!

Three weeks ago, my sweet friend Sam e-mailed me with a special request:  that I custom make her a Little Black Dress for her 21st birthday in October.  Considering how much I enjoy this girl's company, admire her convictions, and love her personality, there could only be once answer:  YES OF COURSE OBVIOUSLY DUH.

The idea she had was to take the front of one dress she saw on Urban Outfitters and combine it with the back of another dress from the same website.  (And no, I am not going to show you the two original dresses as not to give away the final result!).  I studied both dresses, Sam sent me some measurements, and I got started.

First, I drafted a pattern and cut out the fabric parts.   Then it looked like this:

I sewed the top first, in two identical parts:  one for the facing and one for the shell.  Then it looked like this:

Next I sewed the pretty little back, with cut-out designs, WHICH I LOVE (anybody remember the back of my wedding dress?).  Then it looked like this:

And tonight, I sewed up the skirt (Sam, I gave you pockets!), attached it to the bodice, and did all the final clean-ups.  The very last step was adding this:

I really should start leaving my mark on everything I sew...

And now, off it goes in the mail to Fayetteville, Arkansas!  Happy early 21st, Sam!


  1. Valerie, you honestly may be one of the most talented people I know! And your description of Sam is right on! I can't wait to see how beautiful the dress is! She is so excited! Make me something someday please :)

  2. It looks like it be very awesome, Valerie. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it fits . . . and that she loves it!

  3. Thank you so much, Nicole! You're too sweet. Let me know how the dress looks on Sam in person, will ya? :) Oh, and just name the occasion, and I will make you the dress!

    I cannot say it enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you! For the dress (obviously), for this post (so sweet), and thank you for just being down right amazing!!!! You're one of a kind and I'm so glad we've gotten to communicate more throughout this whole process. Wednesday can't come soon enough! I think a chat date is in order for the unveiling of "the dress"! Wish you could be there on Saturday BUT... I totally understand! It will be worn again I'm sure when I come to NYC and we go the 'night club' and meet BSB. Because, it WILL happen. My dream said so.

    Thank you too, Nic. You are both too sweet! You'll have to keep Val up to date as the night progresses on ;)