Project Runway Secrets (or did everyone already know this except me?!)

As I was making the rounds of all the sewing blogs I like to read over the weekend, I found something REALLY interesting on Grosgrain:

Did you know that at the final Project Runway show at Fashion Week, they actually have everyone in the top ten create a collection (instead of only the top three) to help make sure the identities of the finalists aren't given away?!  Well, I surely didn't know that, so I considered it possibly the greatest discovery of all time that you can actually view everyone's collections online HERE!!!!  <-----click there!  Do it!

Now, I know the actual finale of Project Runway doesn't air until Thursday night, but if you want to cheat a little bit and take a peak at the collections beforehand, visit that website!  I've been looking at all the contestants' collections over and over again, and you may or may not be surprised that I'm especially drawn to Valerie's (it looks like a rainbow!).  I just feel a connection with her.  She's a twenty something woman from the Midwest.  Her first name is Valerie (ooooobviously).  And look at this picture I just found of her wearing a BLACK AND WHITE STRIPED SKIRT THAT IS PAINFUL TO YOUR EYEBALLS!

I think she is my sewing soulmate.

Too bad she's not one of the top three who could actually win!  I'll be watching on Thursday, though, and crossing my fingers for sweet little Mondo.  :)

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  1. I liked Valerie, too. I liked her creations, but I also liked her because she seemed the kindest and most normal!