Day 3 - Extreme Wide Leg Mom Pants!

Have you ever seen legs as wide as these? Yeah, I didn't think so. They are so wide, in fact, that a woman at my work commented on my skirt. Really?! Do people wear floor-length skirts to the office these days?

What I made:
Some classic high-waisted, huge-legged pants from an out-of-print Simplicity pattern
Fabric from the bargain table at Paron on 40th St.

When I made it:
October 2009 - during the era of unemployment! With the hopes of someday being gainfully employed, obviously, as I would never wear these pants in my real life and reserve them only for the office.

What I like about it:
The fabric - You almost can't tell because it's so tiny, but the fabric is actually black and white houndstooth, and I love me some houndstooth.

Unbelievably, the wide legs - These babies are comfortable. My knees have tons of breathing room!


  1. Loving the hair in these pics! The pants do look really comfy. Oh no who at work thought these pants were a skirt?!