Day 13 - Go Pokes Skirt!

What I made:
Simplicity 2512, a Cynthia Rowley skirt pattern
Fabric - boucle, from Fabric.com

When I made it:
May or June (?) 2010. Not really the right kind of fabric to be wearing in the summer, but I did it anyway! Now that it's fall, it's much more appropriate.

What I like about it:
Obviously the special thing about this one is the hanging ruffle thing down the front (wow, that was technical). I like that about it.
I also like the color - nothing like a little OSU orange to remind a girl where she came from :)


  1. I like this skirt. Orange looks great on you :)

  2. this skirt is pretty amazing - my favorite so far!

  3. I made this pattern a lot but never this version, love it xx