Day 1 - Olive Green Ensemble!

Here is my very first outfit for Self-Stitched September! (I slapped on a yellow cardigan over this whole thing to make it "office appropriate," don't worry)

What I made:
A-line skirt, using this Burdastyle pattern
Cotton print fabric from Fabric.com

When I made it:
June 2010. It literally only took me about 4 hours from cutting to completion - maybe the fastest project I've ever done! I made it specifically to wear to this super-incredible event Gertie of New Blog for Better Sewing hosted where all her fellow sewist readers met up to go to the Brooklyn Museum. (Check me out right there in the front row of the group pic, same skirt!)

What I like about it:
Pockets! I will put some pockets on anything I possibly can.
The print - it reminds me of the playclothes Maria makes out of drapes for the kids in The Sound of Music! I would gladly wear drapes if that entitled me to sing with Julie Andrews on a mountaintop.


  1. This is very simple but elegant. I like :-) The pic at the museum so cool.