I Just Can't Stop...

...listening to these.  Over and over.  Alternating.  The weird thing is that neither one of them apply in any way to my life right now, I just love the melodies, the sounds, the driving emotions behind them, and Jason Mraz on a bouncy ball.  He's my favorite.  "Like...ever."


  1. I hadn't heard Distance before, I like a whole whole bunch.

  2. There are so many songs I love for the sound and lyrics rather than being able to identify with them in life. You know? Sometimes it's weird to like a song for what it's about (i.e. drugs or something crazy) but the beat/sound/melody or whatever is just so good...

  3. I seriously love Jason Mraz. I studied at UCLA when I was in high school and to this day, his song "The Remedy" brings back great memories. Thanks for bringing back those memories tonight :)