Weekend Visitors: 90s Band {Part Trois}, Bridge Walk, Movie in the Park

Our couple friends Heidi and Marshall are back on the East Coast with us, and came to visit over the weekend! And, as expected, it was awesome.
Friday night, we made our third trip to see the 90s cover band, the Bayside Tigers.  It rocked, again.
If you are wondering what a 90s cover band plays, here's the setlist!  Guess which one is my favorite.
They threw beach balls out in the audience to toss around, but they eventually just kept hitting us in the head and then also hitting the band, so Heidi and I took charge and started hiding every one we could catch instead.  Under the stage.  Ha!
10 points if you can spot Kelly Kapowski.
The next day, we went on a walk over the bridge - my favorite!
This is Scott discussing a theory that when you look over the edge of something tall, you have a brief moment where you want to jump off it.  I don't think Heidi and Marshall agreed.
Our house is back there!
Tourist boat.
Saturday night we went to see Clerks at Central Park.  We packed a picnic and got there plenty early to secure a good spot.  We wondered why in the world they would play a movie like Clerks in a public place where children are present, but oh well!
Thank you, Mayor Bloomberg, for our "gourmet popcorn!"  Oreo popcorn on the left, cheese puff popcorn on the right.  If Oreos and cheese puffs are now considered "gourmet," sign me up.
We loved having you, Walkers! We're coming to Philly again soooooon!


  1. To answer your question, I Want It That Way of course!!! And I'm jealous!

  2. Looks and sounds like an awesome weekend!

  3. i dont want to move again. you guys are the only reason i'm excited to be back here!!