Mothers & Daughters

During my trip home the week before last, my mom gave my sister and I this necklace.  The colors are gorgeous and it's pretty, of course.  But it's also something more than that.  It's a family heirloom.  A brand new one.

See, those four gems are the birthstones of the last four generations of women in my family.  The last 100 years or so of mothers and daughters.  A great-grandmother, a grandmother, a mother, and a daughter.
 Not only were my great-grandmother and I born in the same month, but on the exact same day!

My sister's necklace has her birthstone instead of mine, of course, and Mom's and Grandma's have the both of us.

Mothers and daughters, mothers and daughters.

It's a necklace to be passed down and added to, I hope.
My mom has such a heart for family and history, and I'm so grateful that she does.  Thank you, Mom, for this very precious gift!

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  1. Such a beautiful and hearty picture. I love when families have such thoughts in them :) xx

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