Just a Little Party Dress

I had one of the moments where I stood in front of closet thinking, "I have nothing to wear!"

Of course, I have plenty to wear.  I just didn't have anything to wear that I felt like fit with the occasion (which was saying a girls' good-bye dinner for one of our dearest!).

So, I had to go with my usual solution when I feel like I don't have the perfect thing to wear:  I imagine it, and then I make it.

I knew I wanted a dress that was fun, but not a sundress, and could be dressy, but didn't have to be.  I've had this weird fabric in my stash for awhile now (it's sheer black chiffon, with randomly placed blue, white, pink, and red polka dots, and also it's striped!), and I figured this would be the best time to bust it out!

I've been wanting something with a hi-lo hemline for awhile now, so I knew I wanted that.  I also knew I wanted an elastic waistband because, well, I always want an elastic waistband.  And the rest just came together!

Since the fabric is sheer, I lined the whole thing in a really lightweight (actually, it's almost sheer itself!) white cotton that I had in my stash for some reason or another.  I left the lining of the skirt as a straight hem, and so the longer part of the dress in back is actually still see-through.

Pattern - Top, variation on Tiny Pocket Tank, added a V in the back; skirt, just a rectangle, then cut how I wanted it
Fabric - Chiffon overlay and white cotton lining, both from Fabric.com
Time to complete - about 3.5 hours

And, in action!


  1. Cute!! I love this!

  2. your creativity is amazing. I love how you ALWAYS seem to know what will look best on you!