Weekend: Rock Show, Art, Empire State, Quilt

Scott's band, Bleeding on Probing, played another show on Friday.  It was their biggest show yet (7 songs!), and unfortunately, my camera's video capabilities are no longer, well, capable, so no video was captured, but I think you can feel the face melting coming through on these pictures, right?  All while the nice portrait of the former Dean looked down on them, and raised his glass.
We also went to the Guggenheim this weekend to check out some art.  My favorite piece was in the Dijkstra retrospective.  It was a video of a teenage girl lipsyncing a Backstreet Boys song.  High brow art!
We passed by the ol' Empire State Building.  Never fails to impress.
I also started on a very special project, sent home with me from my Granny's house a couple weeks ago.  Very excited to finish it.


  1. of course you loved whatever it was that had to do with the Backstreet Boys :)

  2. they had BSB playing in the women's locker room this morning at the campus gym. i might have sang. figured if the big bad museum can than i should too.