Good Busy vs. Bad Busy

Does anyone else feel like they're busy all the time--checking off the to-do list, running errands, meeting obligations-- yet when they lay down to go to sleep at night (hours past their ideal bedtime), they can't really think of anything concrete that they accomplished?  Sort of like, you know you did stuff, because you never sat down and relaxed, but you aren't really sure if everything you spent your time doing was really all that important or necessary?  And then you wonder what it is that makes some things important and necessary to be done, and others not so much, and how do you decide the difference between the two whenever not getting everything done--menial tasks and important tasks the same--is not okay with you?  Because you want to get all of it finished plus even more plus also sit down and relax, but also it would be nice if doing it all would be magically simple and not time-consuming?
That's been my past couple of weeks.


  1. Oh yeah, I know this too..
    I love working as an researcher, there's no other way of life for me! Often work all day long including weekends and hardly recognize it, because it's fun for me. But it also cost a lot! Competition is hard in this buisness (also they tell you it's not..) and some of them play really dirty. Also it's hard for family and friends to understand this passion, so you definitly loose friends cause of it...

    So there are moments when I'm asking, why I'm doing this and if it is worth of it...

    In such moments I usally take a break and talk to two special friends and they'll give me a chewing out ;) And it's working!
    Ah, and then I hear this incredible song. It also helps a lot :

    So: Keep your head up and your heart strong!

    Just keep in mind who you are, what you love and what's worth to do it!

    Greetings, Anne

    1. Love the song! Thank you for sharing - I'm a new Ben Howard fan!

  2. Oh yes, there is definitely a difference between good busy and bad busy. Bad busy is the worst because although you become exhausted, you've accomplished NOTHING. I hope the NEXT couple of weeks are not like this. Hang in there girl!

  3. I hope you find some time for rest soon.

  4. I'm always busy, and when I'm bad busy, it doesnt take long for me to be miserable!
    At least you have that beautiful window to look out when you get the chance :)

  5. Ugh, gosh, this is the story of my life! I feel like my to-do list, both work and personal, just keeps getting longer and longer instead of shorter, and I'm tired alllll the time! It's a tough place to be in. I hope you're able to prioritize and get some rest soon!

  6. i am obviously biased towards this picture. that said, i know the feeling- FALL IS HERE.