A Dress for a Wedding

Amazingly, the dress you are about to see actually started out as a long-sleeved version of this dress.  After a million conversations back and forth about color and cut and style, we ended up, instead, with this one.  That is what I love about collaborating with this girl on clothing:  we go bounce new ideas off each other until we create something better than what we had imagined before.  We're like a fashion brain trust.

Sam wanted a brand new fancy dress to wear to a wedding this summer, and this is what I gave her:
A super slinky little red and ivory number!  We incorporated two of the biggest trends right now, as well:  colorblocking and slit sleeves (I have no idea what the actual word for sleeves like this is.  Is there a term?).
A dress can only be as fabulous as the woman who wears it, and I have to say, Sam is owning this one.  Amiright?  I'm right.
Samantha, thank you so much for letting me dress you (again)!  I want to be your permanent personal seamstress.  Please let me be :)

P.S.  If you're interested in a custom-made dress, skirt, top, blazer, bridesmaid dresses, whatever...feel free to contact me!


  1. It turned out awesome!!! Great job you 2! You go Glen Coco!

  2. Smokin'! It also looks like the most comfortable dress to ever wear to a wedding, such a good call on the elastic waist and knit material.

  3. LOVE THIS! So cute!

  4. Nice job on the dress - I love it!! She looks gorgeous!

  5. YOU are one SUPER TALENTED chica!!! I love that dress it is super cute and she looks AMAZING in it!! I did not know you could do custom dress orders, that is awesome news to hear!!

  6. Thank you Val for making yet another work of art that makes me feel so confident and happy! You have such an amazing gift and have been an absolute joy to work with! I get so excited when our idea bouncing kicks in :) You are forever my seamstress! As I've said before, get ready! Because when Tim and I go to the Espys and other award shows, I fully intend to have you make my dresses. That way when Ryan Seacrest and Julianna Rancic ask, I can say "Oh I'm wearing Valerie Bryant!"

    Again thank you so much for everything Val and thank you everyone for you sweet comments! I highly recommend Valerie for all your fashion needs :)