A Little Bright Jacket

The past few weeks, since all the bridesmaid dresses were finished, I've had yet another project waiting in my queue that I had to get to work on.  This one was a favor for a former co-worker in New York, and I knew the amount of time/effort/frustration/seam ripping that goes into making a jacket from my previously made coat (I made that three years ago?!?!  Holy cow.), so I wasn't too excited to get this one started.  Yay procrastination!

She picked out the pattern (Anise by Colette - as always, a dream of a pattern with wonderful instructions), the fabric, the buttons, the whole shebang.  I was merely the seamstress on this one :)
Although this was just as time-consuming and energy-consuming as I knew that it would be, it also gave me the chance to learn two previously unattempted skills:  welt pockets...
 and bound buttonholes!  Both went pretty swimmingly, thank goodness.
Here are the side and back angles, for your viewing pleasure.  I believe this is an Anna Maria Horner velvet fabric, but I couldn't find it online anywhere, so I think it is probably not in her current line.
 Lined in bright pink (so much handsewingggggggg).
 I realize now the below picture looks like Vanessa is flashing us all.  Inappropriate.
Honestly, so glad to have this beast of a project crossed off my to-do list now.  It has been sent off to its permanent home, where I hope it is enjoying fall in New York (which is the BEST).


  1. Really, really cute! This is a time-consuming pattern, though-- good on you for getting it done!

  2. Valerie, when are we going to hear about your baby? Last you blogged you said you were past your due date and we haven't heard anything after that!

    I check your blog daily but nothing new has been posted. I can't be the only follower who is anxious to hear about your new little one.